Innovation Week at the University of Forestry: Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in the Bulgarian Forest Value Chain

Innovation Week at the University of Forestry met many participants in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Bulgarian forest value chain. Two round tables have been held. The first one regarded the wood waste in Bulgarian forests left after harvesting and waste from the wood-processing industries. Round table discussion on the topic “Management of waste wood” with the participation of business representatives, IAG to the Ministry of Agriculture, local and national authorities, teachers, and students.

Presentation of innovative start-up companies, such as “Carboni”, “Carbonsafe”, etc. in front of students and teachers; presentations, exhibitions and events of startups (Sofia2Go, EnEfect, etc.) and non-governmental organizations “BDZP” under the motto “Eco-entrepreneurship and sustainable behaviour” were done in two of the days.

All the week UF provided poster session of its supported by ILCA startups.

Round table “Management of forest fires” happened with the participation of representatives from the Forestry Executive Agency, State Forestry Enterprises, fire safety experts, volunteers, teachers, and students.

The head of the project for LTU, Prof. Dr. Ekaterina Todorova, presented the project to the representatives of business, state administration, teachers, and students attending the solemn meeting “50 years of environmental education in Bulgaria”.

On the last day of the week, the best student projects from each of the partners related to the sustainable use of natural resources, the circular economy and eco-efficiency were presented in a video conference between the project participants. Representatives of the project took part with a presentation table at the annual conference of the Branch Chamber of the Woodworking and Furniture Industry and in a discussion “The circular economy and the requirements of the EC on sustainable development.”

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