Innovation and Sustainability Highlights: Carpathian Eco-Energy Cluster Forum, Energy Survival Training, and Lego Serious Play at King Danylo University

On November 20, 2023, the Carpathian Eco-Energy Cluster Forum took place at King Danylo University as part of Innovation Week. The cluster, established to enhance energy efficiency and mitigate the environmental impact in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, focuses on fostering collaboration among businesses, academia, and the public sector.

The cluster aims to function effectively by influencing the region positively and creating mechanisms for developing a conducive environment for socio-economic growth. Additionally, it seeks to attract investment for green energy projects. Cluster members actively support projects, whether informational, educational, or commercial.

The meeting addressed the region’s company development prospects, innovation-related challenges, and the expansion of the cluster member consortium.

On November 21, 2023, within the framework of the international project “ILCA (Innovation Laboratories for Climate Actions),” King Danylo University, a partner in the project, hosted a training presentation titled “Energy Survival 2.0: Backup Power Supply” as part of Innovation Week. Andrii Yavorskyi, an energy efficiency specialist from the New Energy team, discussed preparedness for potential blackouts and alternative energy sources.

The presentation covered various aspects, including the characteristics of lighting devices, pros and cons of conventional flashlights, camping and emergency lights, USB light sources, LED strips, high-capacity power banks, portable solar panels with charging ports, mobile charging stations, backup power kits, hybrid solar inverters (MPPT controllers), and modular uninterruptible power systems.

On November 22, 2023, as part of Innovation Week at King Danylo University, a “Lego Serious Play” event was organized for master’s students. The event aimed to enhance creative thinking and communication skills among participants. Master’s students at KDU built three-dimensional models of their ideas using Lego bricks and shared stories about their creations.

During the event, students independently developed projects, visualizing them with Lego models, and assessed their own capabilities and strengths. Subsequently, they collaborated on joint projects in teams. “Lego Serious Play” is a gaming tool employed by major corporations for team brainstorming and strategizing. Sergiy Maksymiuk, CEO of New Energy, noted, “Today, UCD students learned how to use this methodology in practice to work on their own team projects: AI for IT Bugs, E-voting, UkrMuzApp, and others.”

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