Enhancing the Educational and Scientific Program for Doctoral Students

During the ILCA Innovation Week 2023, doctoral students at the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agriculture of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine” had the opportunity to present their vision of innovative scientific projects to representatives of the agricultural business and discuss their potential for implementation.

Over the course of two weeks, with the support of their academic supervisors and ILCA-mentors, the doctoral students prepared scientific projects, focusing on the current climate and environmental challenges in the context of the European Green Deal.

The audience consisted of representatives from the agricultural business environment, including executives and managers from various agricultural enterprises ranging from seed production to the manufacturing of agro-drones. Among the invited guests were pleased to see agricultural holding “KERNEL”, LLC “Peremoha”, LLC “Blue Berry,”, LLC “Agroexpert” LLC “ALFA Smart Agro”, LLC “Organic Standard” and others. In total, representatives from 12 companies evaluated the works of the doctoral students, provided valuable feedback, expressed thoughts and impressions, and offered valuable recommendations for the development of presentation skills, speech construction, and the implementation of research results. Academic supervisors and ILCA-mentors will continue to work with students according to the recommendations.

The doctoral students explored opportunities for restoring soil resources, mitigating soil degradation processes, and assessing the effectiveness of organic-mineral fertilizers. They also delved into carbon farming, organic production, the formation and development of biologically diversified crop rotations, and the adaptation of agricultural systems.

All presented projects were closely aligned with the goals and concept of the European Green Deal, particularly in the context of climate change and post-war reconstruction in Ukraine, aiming at the development of Europe as a climate-neutral ecosystem.

The synergy between science and business in this format vividly illustrates one of the main objectives of the ILCA project – to strengthen human potential in the field of climate innovation and entrepreneurship through teaching and mentoring students, academic, and non-academic personnel in skills related to systemic problem-solving.

Ukraine is ready to become an integral part of the European Research Area, and we invite collaboration with ILCA-Lab Ukraine!

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