Climate workshops for Ukrainian stakeholders

Savonia University (Finland), together with Chernivtsi National University (Ukraine), the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agriculture NAAS” (Ukraine), and King Danylo University (Ukraine),  are conducting a series of climate workshops for Ukrainian stakeholders as part of the ILCA (Innovation Laboratories for Climate Action) project. The aim of these events is to develop a roadmap for the climate-oriented recovery of Ukraine, which will contain three main areas: agriculture, energy, and municipalities.

Participants are tasked with assessing information on potential new climate projects in Ukraine that are in the initiation stage and require grant (donor) funding assistance. The results of this joint work are planned to be presented at HNPW 2023 (Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week – Geneva, Switzerland) to help Ukrainian institutions find new partners/sponsors/donors to implement climate-oriented initiatives.

The first two workshops involved preparatory work and preliminary evaluation of ideas, identifying specific challenge owners that require assistance and additional funding for Climate Actions. As a result of brainstorming, more than 60 ideas were discussed by the participants. Common priorities were identified, and potential consortia were formed on the Ukrainian side. The discussion and evaluation of these ideas continue in order to determine potential synergies, trade-offs, interdependencies, and possible unintended consequences.

ILCA continues to work on these ideas with participants to seek new international partners and forms of cooperation. The workshop results will be processed by the ILCA network partners and presented at HNPW in Geneva on April 27, 2023.

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