Discussion “Afforestation as a means for climate change mitigation” ILCA project – University of Forestry (UF)

Under the WP2 and WP5 of the ILCA Project and the celebration of “Forest Week-2023” on 04.04.2023 from 3-5 p.m. in the conference hall “Academician Mako Dakov” of the University of Forestry was performed a discussion on the topic “Afforestation as a means for climate change mitigation”. The discussion was opened by Associate Professor Dr. Emil Kitchoukov – Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship at UF and ILCA local coordinator for Bulgaria.

The discussion was attended by many participants from academia and business. Representatives of the management of LTU took part in the discussion: art. cor. Prof. D.Sc. Ivan Iliev – Rector of LTU, Prof. Dr. Milko Milev – Deputy. Rector, Prof. Dr. Ivan Paligorov – Dean of FSU, Prof. Dr. Rumen Tomov – Dean of AF, Assoc. Dr. Marius Dimitrov – Dean of FGS, Assoc. Dr. Ekaterina Todorova – Dean of FELA and etc. professors from the university; representatives of the Forestry Executive Agency – Eng. Tony Krastev – Director of the Directorate “Forests” and experts from the Directorate, representatives of the Southwest State Enterprise YZDP – Blagoevgrad and territorial divisions “State Forestry” and “State Hunting”, representatives of interested parties companies: “Mini Maritsa East” – Eng. Vladimir Etov, Head of the “Ecology” Department and of “Dundee Precious Metals – Chelopech” – Mr. Atanas Stoev, as well as a number of students.

Prof. Dr. Svetoslav Anev presented an introductory presentation on the topic. The presentation presented interesting facts about climate change in Bulgaria and the world in recent years. It has been established that many climatic innovations are observed in the country. They have led to a change in the local climate in the direction of its transformation from temperate continental to transitional Mediterranean. Numerous climate anomalies are observed. In the country, they formed two main seasons, which is completely different from the previous four seasons. One season is wet and is observed in early spring, summer and early autumn. The second is dry, which is observed in winter and early spring. Such changes pose major challenges to the agriculture and forestry sector. Urgent measures are needed to reduce the impact of human activity on the climate.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nasko Iliev presented a presentation on the topic “AFFORESTATION – A POWERFUL TOOL FOR CARBON FIXATION”. The presentation of associate professor Nasko Iliev showed many interesting technological solutions for afforestation. The use of native species has been shown to be critical in preserving ecosystems. At the same time, the role of man is of particular importance. Establishing plantations of tree species can correct many of the damages caused by climate change.

Prof. Dr. Emil Kichukov presented the international project of the program HEI of EIT Climate – KIC “Innovation Laboratories for Climate Action” – ILCA with coordinator Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland and partner LTU.

Most of the participants took part in the discussion on the topic, resulting in the following proposals:

1. Politicians should also be invited to such discussions on strategically important issues for the country and humanity.

2. A request should be made to the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers to take stricter measures regarding the installation of solar panels, as well as legislative restrictions on the use of fertile land for similar purposes.

3. Discussions on topics related to climate change and possible actions to solve problems related to them should be held more often and the participation of journalists and their coverage in the national media should be sought.

The information was prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Kitchoukov – local coordinator for Bulgaria of the project “Innovation Laboratories for Climate Action” – ILCA.

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