Training for VTDK Staff: Employee Ambassadorship Strategy 2023

On May 3, 2023, members of the VTDK community had the opportunity to participate in an event organised by the Lithuanian Marketing Association (LiMA) with the head of the EMPLOYEE2CONSUMER agency, David Budgin, entitled “Employee Ambassadorship Strategy 2023”.

The participants heard not only a lot of useful insights about how to create an employee ambassadorship program in their organisation, what are the trends in employee ambassadorship in 2023, how to involve employees in it and what is the return on investment of employee ambassadorship programs, but also carried out various tasks during the practical session and exchanged best practices of employee ambassadorship with representatives of other organisations.

The training was organized with a view to achieving the aim of EIT Climate-KIC EIT HEI project No. 220194 “Innovation Laboratories for Climate Actions – ILCA” to strengthen human capital in climate innovation and enterpreneurship for systemic problem solving.

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