Networking, conectivity, knowledge transfer – the engine of innovation

On December 14, Stefan cel Mare University from Suceava (USV), Romania organised an event, Promoting ILCA project – which brought together regional stakeholders – representatives of the regional business environment, of local authorities, associations and NGOs. The main objective of the event was to promote connectivity, networking, and the transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of digital transformation in local, national and international levels. By sharing all this knowledge, USV wants through the ILCA project to increase the contribution to society, the economy, and politics by fueling innovative solutions with a focus on climate change. Decision makers have the power to influence the activity of local businesses but also the community. We consider this a very powerful aspect in which we want to bring knowledge, consultancy and ultimatly build trust.

The ILCA project is the gate for Identification of actions in a context of climate change and green policy trends. The Romanian stakeholders are interested in also in mentoring, guidance and developing joint projects. But USV goes for climate innovations: so get on board!

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