Innovation Week Showcase: Transformative Ideas for a Sustainable Future

ILCA consortium is thrilled to witness the culmination of a week filled with creativity and ingenuity! Today marks the finale of our Innovation Week, where top student teams from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Finland were unveiling their groundbreaking projects. We invite you to discover these innovative projects as well.

National Scientific Center Institute of Agriculture NAAS, Ukraine: “Breaking ground in agriculture!“. A PhD student from the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agriculture of NAAS” presents innovative soil processing technologies with an extensive use of advanced soil treatment and sowing complexes. Traditional multi-operation agricultural practices are revolutionized by a single pass of a modular combined unit, featuring operator-controlled soil processing, fertilizer and pesticide application, seeding, compaction, surface mulching, and more.

King Danylo University Ukraine: “HyEstimator – Edge-Computing for Real H2-NG Blends”. Elevating the game in decarbonizing industries! A shoutout to the team from King Danila University, Ukraine, for their ambitious HyEstimator project. Edge-computing at its finest, providing real-time data for accurate H2-NG blends consumption estimation.

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania: “Sustainable Mobile Office”. Turning old into gold! The VTDK team from Lithuania presents an ingenious solution for sustainable mobile offices using retired Škoda trolleybuses. Solar panels, heat recovery, and smart waste management redefine the way we work on the go.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland:”Digital Transformation for “Silver Luxury World“ Beauty Salon”In the quest for a responsible beauty sector! Finnish students focused on enhancing the digital presence of “Silver Luxury World” beauty salon. Their project integrates sustainability and climate transition issues, proposing a dedicated website section that delves into the sustainability of products, processes, and workflows.

Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine: “ECO-HUB – Efforts Today, Sustainability Tomorrow”Serving a higher purpose! The team from Chernivtsi National University in Ukraine introduces ECO-HUB, a project with a mission to teach eco-friendly behaviors. Relevant for doctors, medical institutions, clinics, eco-activists, environmentally conscious individuals, patients, and those who have suffered in war zones.

University of Forestry, Bulgaria: “Kids Garden – Nature Crafts for Kids” Empowering the next generation with sustainability education right from the start! Kudos to the team from the Bulgarian University of Forests for their visionary project, fostering sustainable habits in our youngest minds.

University of Suceava, Romania: “Floral Harmony”Addressing a business problem with flair! The team from the University of Suceava in Romania is tackling the wastage of flowers at special events, a sustainable approach to floral arrangements for occasions like weddings.

As we reflect on these remarkable initiatives, the ILCA consortium takes immense pride in the students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, ingenuity, and commitment to addressing real-business challenges. Their projects exemplify the future leaders and innovators who are shaping a more sustainable and responsible world. We are truly proud of their achievements and the positive impact they are poised to make in their respective fields.

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