Advancing Collaboration: LAMMC and VTDK Scientists Discuss Joint Initiatives for Climate Action Innovations

After signing a cooperation agreement for the Innovation Laboratory for Climate Action within the ILCA project, researchers and PhD students from the Lithuanian Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Centre, along with researchers from Vilnius College of Technology and Design, convened to discuss potential joint activities. The session was facilitated by Bailey Lahdesmaki from Savonia UAS (Finland), specializing in innovation and the integration of ecosystems and clusters in the Savonia region.

During the meeting, participants delved into their research interests and ongoing initiatives across various fields, including agriculture, forestry, economics, construction, and transport. Exploring potential points of contact for collaborative projects, they also examined systemic changes crucial for both institutions and how research teams could actively contribute to them.

Leaders from both institutions actively participated in discussions with researchers, an element participants deemed essential for fostering mutual understanding and ensuring smoother cooperation. To deepen comprehension and cultivate a shared vision on climate innovation, there are plans to regularly invite researchers from both institutions to participate in future virtual discussions.

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