Sustainable Tourism Transformation: A Collaborative Journey with Stefan cel Mare University and Vatra Boierească

Through a collaborative effort, Stefan cel Mare University and Vatra Boierească have come together to revolutionise the world of eco-tourism, drawing inspiration from the ILCA project’s pioneering approach. This partnership seeks to integrate sustainability and cultural richness into the fabric of tourism. Through the development of environmentally conscious travel experiences that highlight Romania’s rich heritage, this initiative establishes a standard for responsible tourism that supports the preservation of our planet while also fostering the local economy and culture.

A overview of the start-up that received the consulting services

Located in the picturesque embrace of Romania, Vatra Boierească is a symbol of cultural heritage, offering one-of-a-kind tourist experiences that honour traditional architecture and local customs amidst the beauty of nature. 

Embracing the ever-changing world of sustainable tourism, Vatra Boierească faces its fair share of obstacles, including a lack of acknowledgment and the ups and downs of seasonal tourism. Despite the presence of nearby attractions and the potential for promoting events, there are certain challenges that need to be addressed. These include the need for further development of trails, the requirement for specialised marketing personnel, and the importance of online promotion. During the winter months, it becomes even more important to come together as a community and find ways to make our region more appealing. Their dedication to sustainability shines through in their utilisation of solar panels and the rich cultural narratives embedded within each cottage, showcasing a harmonious blend of heritage and eco-consciousness. 

The consultancy has been provided to the start-up, offering a tailored suite of services aligned with Vatra Boierească’s commitment to promoting sustainable tourism, including:

  • Designing tourist packages that appeal to foreign visitors and are closely connected to climate change issues, including the promotion of traditional architecture with wood and clay houses, cultural heritage, and sustainability;
  • Leveraging the USV network and lab to connect Vatra Boierească with European tourism agencies, expanding their reach to foreign tourists;
  • Assessing the maturity level of the Innovation Management System to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in innovation management and green transition;
  • Offering strategic recommendations tailored to advance their journey toward sustainable operations.

The result and progress achieved by the startup after the consulting services 

The consultation yielded tangible results:

  • Enhanced package appeal, making tourist packages more attractive, with a specific focus on sustainability and traditional architecture, catering to a market segment passionate about eco-tourism and cultural heritage;
  • Streamlined operations towards sustainability, potentially leading to cost savings, heightened customer satisfaction, and a strengthened market position.

In the words of Georgiana Pastrav, the CEO of Vatra Boierească, “The consultancy has been instrumental in redefining our business, aligning our values with sustainable practices, and positioning us at the forefront of eco-tourism.”

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