King Danylo University’s Climate Change Initiatives and Impact on Startups in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region, Ukraine

With each passing year, climate change becomes an undeniable reality for entrepreneurs in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. This aspect has become an integral part of the business environment, demanding not only survival but also strategic development amid escalating environmental challenges. 

In the modern world, global climate change has become the subject of thorough investigation. Temperature records, changes in precipitation patterns, and other indicators point to unpredictable shifts in climatic conditions. The Ivano-Frankivsk region is experiencing an increase in average temperatures, already significantly impacting business processes and necessitating adaptation by enterprises. 

This challenge became a crucial moment for startups in the region, and Kind Danylo University’s consulting services, provided in response to the goals of the international project “Innovation Laboratories for Climate Actions – ILCA,” became an essential tool that helps businesses develop strategies to address climate change and related problems, impacting businesses in the Ivan-Frankivsk region.

Startups in the Ivano-Frankivsk region are tasked with effectively adapting to new conditions and developing strategies aimed at reducing their impact on the climate. One avenue for tackling these challenges is the implementation of climate innovations in production and logistical processes. 

Particularly, startups can focus on reducing CO2 emissions and other harmful substances. Utilizing renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and implementing technologies that leverage green energy resources can significantly reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Additionally, startups can concentrate on producing environmentally friendly products, aligning with the heightened environmental awareness of consumers. 

Another promising area is the development and implementation of technologies for detecting and monitoring climate changes in real-time. Analyzing data collected through modern sensors and IoT technologies can provide startups with valuable insights for making effective decisions. 

Engaging international consultants in this process is another opportunity for startups to gain expert advice and experience in the field of climate change. International knowledge and practice exchange enable companies not only to leverage their own potential but also to consider global best practices. 

It’s worth noting that King Danylo University’s consultations for business encompass not only technical aspects but also financial strategies aimed at the effective implementation of climate innovations. Integrating environmental responsibility into business processes becomes not only a strategic step for ensuring the sustainable development of startups but also a key to preserving natural resources and achieving balanced development in the Ivano-Frankivsk region amidst the new conditions of global climate change.

Overview of startups that received consultancy advice

LLC “New Energy” is a multi-level interactive learning platform in the field of science and technology that successfully combines entertainment and education. The Science Museum hosts excursions, shows, classes and camps for children, trainings and lectures for adults, workshops and other events to promote energy efficiency. 

Research and Production Firm Zond LLC was established on the basis of the non-destructive testing department of the Ivano-Frankivsk Institute (now the National Technical University) of Oil and Gas.  Zond provides services in expert examination (technical diagnostics), technical inspections (including primary, periodic (regular full and partial), extraordinary), certification of machines, mechanisms, high-risk equipment in accordance with the Permit of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine and is an authorized organization in accordance with the Order of the State Committee of Ukraine for Mining Supervision. 

LLC “BLAGO COMPANY” is a technology company that builds real estate. The company’s special approach is that it looks at the city as a set of services and infrastructure that should serve people’s lives with high quality, and we want to make these services efficient and convenient. With its ideas, the company goes beyond the construction site and can work with everything that affects people’s lives in the city. After all, it is important for the company to develop the whole city, not just its individual parts. The company sees parks, parking lots, courtyards, and sidewalks as tools that will improve the future of urban life. Modern, technological and within the borders of Ukraine. 

Adamson Energy Service Company LLC offers all the goods and services for energy saving at home and business. We provide services for energy audit of houses and energy audit of premises, installation of heating systems, installation of ventilation and ventilation systems, installation of solid fuel boilers, installation of solar collectors, installation of energy-saving windows, installation of heat pumps, installation of solar panels. As well as thermal insulation and facade insulation, roof insulation, and foundation insulation. 

The startups received a range of consulting services covering strategic management, marketing, finance, and innovation. The consultants provided expert advice on business strategy development, market and target audience analysis, financial planning, and investment attraction. The support also included advice on introducing innovations, improving operations and ensuring sustainable growth of the startup.

The result and progress achieved by the startup after the consulting services 

Consulting services led to significant improvements in all companies, with a positive impact on their operations and performance. Overall consulting performance: 

  • Expansion of business areas and new clients. 
  • Increased sales and profitability. 
  • Effective implementation of innovations and improvement of business sustainability. 
  • Strengthened partnerships and increased competitiveness. 

Partner’s comment after the collaboration

LLC “New Energy”:“Our business has reached a new level thanks to the experts who opened the world of innovation for us and became an inspiring catalyst for change. The results: more visitors, new partnerships and higher quality of expositions.” 

Research and Production Firm Zond LLC: “With the help of consultants, we are not just developing technologies – we are changing the game of rules in the industry. New contracts and energy audits are not just a success, they are a confirmation that we are on the right track.” 

LLC “BLAGO COMPANY” “We have changed not only our business field, but also become part of the city’s transformation. Our contribution to the development of infrastructure and reduction of environmental impact demonstrates that consulting is a step towards change.” 

Adamson Energy Service Company LLC: After the experts helped us implement new technologies, our business has become a real energy efficiency center. New partnerships and international projects are the result of the right strategy and support.” 

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