Business incubator “Innovation challenge” at Yuriy Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University: new stage, new innovations

The opening of the new programme of the business incubator “Innovation challenge” took place at the Yuriy Fedkovich Chernivtsi National University. The rector of the university, Romana Petryshyn, welcomed the participants.

The business incubator is an organisation that supports the projects of budding entrepreneurs in the stages of their creation and development: from the development of an idea to its commercialisation. As part of the implementation of the incubation programme, which was implemented for the first time last academic year, the participants were systematically visited by business representatives, provided with academic and mentoring support for projects, networking, excursions, pitching of business ideas and start-ups, acquaintance with potential investors, creditors and “business angels”.

The business incubator “Innovation challenge” operates under EIT-HEI Klimate-KIC ILCA (Innovation laboratories for climate actions) project

This year, more than 100 people registered to participate in the incubation program. The program is designed for the entire academic semester. Meetings with business representatives, classes and intensives will take place twice a week.

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