Adapting to the Challenges of Climate Change: The Taurage Community Discusses Possible Actions with the ILCA Consortium

On November 7, 2023, researchers from LAMMC and VTDK, in collaboration with the Tauragė District Municipality Administration and Tauragė Open Youth Space, organized a discussion to spotlight the challenges facing Tauragė in the context of adapting to climate change. Being a participant in the EU’s 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission, it is crucial for Tauragė to pinpoint priority issues and take actions for adapting to climate change. Hence, besides representatives from the Tauragė District Municipality administration, participants from business, local communities, the Young Conservatives League, Tauragė Liberal Youth, and the Lithuanian Union of Schoolchildren were also invited to the discussion.

For identifying problems and potential actions, the researchers employed the PRIA (Prospective Rapid Impact Assessment) approach, widely utilized in the international ILCA consortium. Participants identified issues stemming from climate change at three levels: challenges faced by individuals, households, and cities. At this stage, several areas have already surfaced that warrant special attention in the context of Tauragė city’s adaptation

to climate change, including harnessing the potential of urban green spaces, enhancing the use of sustainable materials, targeted communication to encourage behavioral change, regulatory initiatives to promote desired changes, and impact analysis of planned actions to identify the most suitable initiatives to implement.

During the next session, organized by the VTDK and the LAMMC, researchers and PhD students from the relevant fields will provide their insights on the identified actions and potential innovations, broadening the insights of the Tauragė community. The researchers will then propose priority actions for the municipality to adapt to climate change through a portfolio analysis and the interactions between the identified initiatives.

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